– A day in the life of the women with the issue of blood


In the story of the women with the issue of blood, we find a nameless and anonymous woman who has struggled with a serious condition for 12 years of her life. She searched for many years for help, even using her life savings but to no avail. This day for her probably began just like all the other days prior, seeking for a cure to her illness.

I gather she was on her way to a doctors appointment when suddenly, on her road there, she hears a commotion and sees a mass of people gathered just ahead. By the voices crying out from the crowd she now knows why they were there. Jesus is in the midst and walking on an intersecting road to hers. Suddenly she feels a stirring in her spirit and knows instantly why SHE WAS THERE! In her mind, she tells herself that she needed to cancel her previous doctor’ appointment and go directly to this man they call a healer.

Despite her condition and the laws that hindered her, she pushed through the crowd touched the robe of the newfound physician and her faith made her whole. Her ordinary day was met with a divine interruption. The Lord has used this nameless women’s testimony to resonate through history and encourage countless generations.

Whether it’s God that interrupts your day or something you do by faith that changes the course of your day; God will meet you on that road to your purpose. For those who have come upon a wall on the road to your healing, I say to continue to push through and reach out by faith for your healing today. Your divine interruption awaits!

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