AN ORDINARY DAY OF TRAVELING – A day in the life of Paul


Over the next several weeks I’m going to repost a series of messages written by my friend Steven Gomez. These were first posted on his facebook page, and I asked his permission to share them here. His heart is to let each of us know that God uses ordinary people doing ordinary things for extraordinary purposes. Know this–God can use you!


A new day in the life of the Apostle Paul began on the road to Damascus. A divine encounter with the Lord changed his intentions, perception, and heart forever; his life was never the same thereafter. We all need a Damascus road. What’s yours?

If you have not yet had a Damascus road experience get ready because the Lord is going to interrupt your ORDINARY DAY with a visitation. No matter where you’re heading he will find you, meet with you, and deposit life-changing words into your soul. Get ready to hear His voice on your road today.

Your ordinary day will turn extraordinary through a divine interruption. The Lord will even use a simple ordinary connection with someone; maybe even a stranger, to bring you closer to him and his purpose for you. Be watchful today! Your divine interruption draws near.

– Steven Gomez

Read the account of Paul’s divine interruption in Acts 9:1-19